Hello 2017 Millbridge Marlin Families


Congratulations to all the Millbridge Marlins. We are so excited for you all to be part of the team this year. For those new to the team, welcome!!

This email contains a lot of information. Please take the time to read this entire email and let me know if there are any questions.

I am still missing a few forms from some families. I plan to send individual emails today. All forms must be completed/turned in by April 7th.

We will begin cashing registration checks on Wednesday, April 5.


Attached is the swim suit flier. We are still working out the exact location for the fitting. We believe it will be at the pool. Exact details to come.
We will have the same suits are last year. If your swim suit fits and is in good condition, there is no need for you to attend the fitting. Reminder female suits are $49 and male suits are $36.

Like last year, we plan to offer a suit consignment sale.
Anyone who has a suit in good condition may sell their suit through our consignment sale. Beginning April 17th I will have a bin on my porch (1433 Ridge Haven Road) that says Marlin Swim Suits. Please drop of your cleaned suit in a zip lock bag – with your name and size of suit written in sharpie on the bag. Female suits will be $25 and Male suits $18. The Seller will get $20/$15 dollars and the swim team will keep the rest as a fundraiser. Once we have all the suits, we will send out a list of available sizes. After the fitting you will email which available size you are interested in. In the event there is more interest than suits, we will draw names by May 5th and let you know if you are able to buy a consigned suit.

We plan to sell Millbridge Marlins towels this year. We have worked with Waxhaw Custom Apparel to create a great towel with our new logo. The towels are aqua blue and feel great. You will also have the opportunity for them to be personalized. We are only ordering a limited amount to start with until we know the level of interest. We will have them available at the Swim Suit fitting and throughout the season. Cost of the towel is $20 and to have them personalized is $5.

We will have our first team meeting on Wednesday May 10th at 6pm at the AIRNASIUM. While we never say practices are mandatory, we really would like everyone to attend this meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming season, practices, expectations, and behavior during meets and practices. We will also be handing out T-Shirts and Swim Caps. Parents are welcome however please do not bring non swimming siblings. We will provide pizza and drinks at the meeting. We will send out an email for a head count when we get closer. If you would like to order any additional T-Shirts please send an email with your size. Cost is $12 / $15 for XXL and XXXL.

The first official in water practice will be on Friday May 12th. Coach Nina will be sending out the list with the practice groups.
However the breakdown is as follows (you will be contacted if we need you to practice at a different time): WHILE IN SCHOOL: Shrimps 430-5P / 7-10yr olds 5p-6p / 11+ 6p-7p. Once School is out the times are 830-9a / 9-10a / 10-11a.
We will go over in more detail about practices at the meeting.

Many of you have expressed concern that the first meet coincides with 5th grade graduation and the 8th grade formal. Please know this is out of our hands, but we are working with Bridgemill to see if we can move the first meet to Wednesday June 7th.

We have also created a team website. It’s not ready to launch just yet. This will be the source for all of our swim team news. We are very excited about it – look for that coming soon!

I would like to formally announce our sponsors (we will also be posting on facebook)

Thank you to everyone for securing sponsors for this season. We simply cannot operate without sponsors. It also is the reason our registration fee is not higher. There are still opportunities for companies to sponsor us, just not on our T-Shirts.

We are pleased to announce:

LANDEAVOR (Millbridge): T-Shirt sponsorship. We are also thankful to them for the use of the pool, space to have our meetings/ printing our heat sheets and other signage. Millbridge will also run the concessions for our first meet. They will be cooking and selling burgers, dogs, and selling pizza. They will donate 25% of the profits to the Swim Team.


FOX’S PIZZA DEN: T-Shirt Sponsor. They are also donating a few pizzas and discounting others for our meeting on May 10th

LENNAR HOMES: T-Shirt Sponsor

ALY CARLSON / Kellar Williams Reality: Swim Cap Sponsor

HAVEN CREATIVE: Haven Creative is a graphic design/ marketing / branding company located right in Millbridge. They have donated their time to create our amazing logo / website / and other images.

Thanks to SHARON and TODD KOPETIC /Owners of WAXHAW CUSTOM APPAREL for their T-shirt sponsorship. They are also our T-Shirt vendor/ Towel vendor/banner vendor. They have 1 marlin on the team.

Thanks to CRAIG SMITH/ ALLEN TATE for his T-shirt Sponsorship. Craig has 2 marlins on the team.

Thanks to CHRISTOPHER DAY/ SUN TRUST MORTGAGE/ for his T-Shirt Sponsorship. Chris has 1 marlin on the team.

Thanks to ROSEMARIE CARRILLO for securing a T-Shirt sponsorship from AMERICAN FOREST MANAGEMENT. Rosemarie has 2 marlins on the team.

Thanks to JIM CANNON / ADT PROTECTION ONE for his T-Shirt sponsorship. Jim has 1 marlin on the team.

Thanks to KERRIE HODGE/ INTUITIVE TOUCH MASSAGE for her T-Shirt Sponsorship. Kerrie has 1 marlin on the team.

Thanks to ELAINE AND ERIN SWEENEY for once again securing WAXHAW CREAMERY with a T-shirt sponsorship AND having them sell ice cream at all our home meets and donate a percentage back to the team. Last year they donated back almost $700. WOW! They have 2 marlins on the team.

Thanks to DAN PARKER for securing a LOWE’S sponsorship. We cannot reveal just yet what LOWE’S is doing, but we are excited. More on this later. Dan has 2 marlins on the team.

THANK YOU to everyone for your help in this success. Again it is not too late for you to obtain a sponsorship (just too late for the T-shirt). Please let us know if you have any questions and any potentials. We will be reaching out to those above about the incentives for obtaining a sponsorship.

We also plan to have 2 fundraisers this year. Tara Robinson has set up a fundraiser with DREAM DINNERS. More information for this will be announced at the swim suit fitting. We can tell you the dates for this fundraiser will be on May 6th and May 13th. Check out www.dreamdinners.com/waxhaw

We also plan to have an online fundraiser with THIRTY ONE. Samples of bags will be at the Swim suit fitting as well. The online party will run from May 1st -7th. We will send out a link to the party soon with some ideas for products for you and your swimmers.

Well I hope you made it to this part of the email. That was a lot of information. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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